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Support for Nepal

In 2009 as part of our celebration of the Year of the Child one of our parents suggested we contact the Rainbow Children’s Home where she had worked during a trip to Nepal. We did a performance of a Nepalese story at our celebration and went on to fund raise for the Home. In 2010 Therese and Anthony went on a trek to Nepal to raise funds and get to know Goma and her family who run the Home. It became clear while we were there that fund raising was fine but that what they needed was the certainty of a regular income so we send money every month now and use our fund raising events to add some extra include a Race Night, baking sale and our Open Day (raised £1726.89 20). The links with the Home have been a great eye opener for the children in the nursery and we are very grateful for all the help from parents. All proceeds from sales of our recipe book also go to the Rainbow Children’s Home. 

Any parents who would like to take this a step further the Home would love you to visit. Just speak to Anthony or Therese. Equally if you would like to sponsor a child in the home then there is information on the Rainbow Home’s website.

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