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A day in the life

My day in the life of a pre-schooler
I like to ring the bell sometimes mummy and daddy ring it. I like to do drawing. Some days we have music classes. We tidy up and have story time; I like the Barbie story the best. We go in the garden I like to jump on the red trampoline. We have lunch, I like
spaghetti the best. I like to read stories in the story corner.

I like nursery, I like to play on the swing in the garden. At music we sing songs and we shake the shakers. I like Gymini, I climb and swing and jump. I like to eat baked potatoes and carrots. I like to make things with the play dough, the pink one.

In the morning I get up and go to nursery, I play at nursery. I like the cars. We have lunch and pudding. I love Roly and Poly, Lola, the rabbit and the tadpoles; I help to look after them. I eat grapes at snack time. I like to play at my nursery. We go to the holiday house (Carcant), I play outside all day. I like when mummy takes me to nursery.

Mummy takes me to nursery, I play with the train set, and I like to go on the computer. I eat crackers at snack time, I like banana too. I like Carcant, I can splash in the water. Daddy is collecting me from nursery.

Fingal, Matthew, Amelie and Isobel aged three and four

A day in the Life of a Tweenie.
The first thing we see when we come into the room is the sand tray which could be filled with many things from sand to porridge oats and when we look around the room we can see that the paints are always out, our role play area is set up and our cosy story area.

The teachers ask us what we want to play with before we sing hello to everyone. Then it’s snack time and we have to go and wash our hands. During snack we ask to go into the garden and when snack is finished it is time to get our coats on to go out. In the garden we play on the cars, bike, trampoline, swings, climbing frame or many other toys or just run around the garden chasing each other. After garden time we come in to get ready for lunch, we change our nappies, wash hands and get a story before we get our food. After lunch we ask for our toothbrush and then it’s bedtime. We sleep on camp mats now because we are growing up. When we get up we go back into the garden or do other activities that we have asked for such as musical instruments, Wow transport set, baking, Balamory set and arts and craft activiites. Then it’s nappy changing and snack time again. After snack we play some more and usually ask the teachers lots and lots of questions. Some of us get tea at nursery because we are too tired when we get home and then our Mummies and Daddies come to collect us. Our Mummies and Daddies speak to the teachers to find out what we have done that day.

A day in the life of a baby

First thing in the morning we all play together in the preschool room , we like to play with the grown up toys and try to escape from the preschool it is funny making the staff run after us to catch us. When we go to our room we choose toys to play with then we get our nappies changed before snack.
We go for walks, play in the garden or do different activities inside. We have all-in-one wetsuits for when it is muddy so it doesn’t matter if we get in a mess. We get our nappies changed again and have a story or sing songs from our song box before we get our lunch. Most of us go to sleep after lunch but others go to sleep at other times of the day. When the weather is nice we get to sleep in the garden. After our snoozes we go outside again or do lots of other fun activities inside –  makes us laugh a lot with her funny singing and dancing. We love to play with the Heuristic play and the staff let us investigate it ourselves. Before we know it it is time to get our nappies changed again and have snack. After we have snack we get to choose again what we would like to play with. Some of us have our dinner at nursery because we are to tired when we get home. Then our Mummies and Daddies come to collect us and we make them chase us around the nursery; they speak to the staff about what we have done during the day.

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