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Health zone

Exclusion policy

Exclusion Periods based upon Public Health Authority Advice

Chickenpox ** Until vesicles become dry (approx 7 days) but a minimum of 5 days after rash onset
Diarrhoea & sickness Until 48 hours after it has ceased
Food poisoning Until medically declared fit to return
German measles ( Rubella ) ** 4 days from appearance of rash
Measles 4 days from onset of rash
Meningitis Until medically declared fit to return PH notification
Mumps Until medically declared fit to return
Impetigo Until lesions healed
Headlice Until treatment effective and all lice and eggs removed
Elevated temperature with specific signs and symptoms Until clinically recovered.

A full list of exclusion periods avalible on request. All Exclusion periods are recommended by the Health Protection Team, NHS Lothian 

See also policies on Essential Hygiene and Health and Safety. These are based in the hall way of the nursery
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