Daily Menus

Week Commencing: 15 October 2018
Monday Tomato and veg pasta/Fruit and yoghurt
AM: Cheese on toast/Melon
PM: Crackers/Apples
Tuesday Sweet potato soup and bread/Fruit
AM: Crackerbread/Bananas
PM: Breadsticks and dip/Carrot sticks sticks
Wednesday Mince and potatoes/Fruit and yoghurt
AM: Rice cakes with cheese spread/Satsumas
PM: Crackers/Strawberries
Thursday Chicken, potatoes and vegetable/Fruit
AM: Croissants/Grapes
PM: Oatcakes/Pear
Friday Mushroom risotto/Fruit
AM: Cheese straws/Cucumber sticks
PM: Crackerbread/Plums
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